Writing Wall

This is my writing wall, where I can just dump my literature and maybe use it later for something.
The first thing to say is I'm someone who is aware of evil within the hearts of all people. I see it, I don't want it, and I want to find as many solutions as the Lord will give to me to put a stop to it.
Some people do evil things, but they don't want it; it makes them sick. They can't handle the fact that they did something, and it eats away at them for the rest of their lives. These are people I hope to help.
You have to understand evil is typical in the scenario of this world. Where did it come from? The Bible says it came from the tree and ate the apple. As a follower of the Lord, I believe there is a great truth here, but what it is precise, I'm not sure. All I know is it's with us, we all seem to do rotten things sometimes, and I believe we all need to strive to get away from being awful wicked evil beings.
It's in my heart to teach people about evil, and to explain to them that I don't believe anyone gets away with it, and I also think those who do it and don't want it, who despise themselves for doing evil, are given something after death.
I get such a sad, horrible feeling in my stomach when somebody highly respected goes down in flames when people find out what they did. It's just so sad; I don't want it, but I suppose they deserve it, but I feel like a witness at a public hanging; I don't want to see people hang. That being said, I believe in the death penalty for first and second-degree murder.
I'm the sort of person to talk to people on death row and get them to spend the rest of their days being mindful of the Lord. I think that's what death row is all about. Thinking about what the Lord will do to you for what you did. Right, so you get down on your knees and repent for murder again and again and again.
My family is filled with a sad history; at the same time, I see so much good in my family, and I believe my family will make it to heaven. As for me, I've changed since I was younger. I used to believe you did whatever you needed to do to get what you wanted, and now I yield to the Lord and allow his ways to do the work I thought it was my job to do.
I don't feel uncomfortable talking about the Lord, but a lot of people do. Most people think I'm talking about Jesus, who I don't believe is the Lord.
So many people feel very uncomfortable talking about God, people in my family included. I doubt they want to hear my opinions on the matter; they all know now I'm a man of the Lord.

You know I'm very lonely a lot of the time. I stay at home sick, and my mother goes off to work, and I can't help but feel like a useless bum even though I know the state of my mind; it's damaged, and it's only able to do the things it's able to do.
At the same time, I'm doing as much as I can do to change things. I'm setting up a streaming studio from my bedroom, where I can make music and record myself doing it—endless videos of beat making and streaming music and video of my projects.