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There's something about it. Investigating the mind. The infrastructure is perfect; even with mental illness, it's remarkable, and in the case of disease, it can be even more so.

My story is hard, that's for sure. It's like, learning to travel the wilderness with radio and repeating voices that keep saying phrases you don't understand. One day you wake up and realize you just walked a perfect path, and you're like, ' it's that.' That's a seriously none dramatic version of my story.

Lots of us go through things. I don't tell bits of my tail thinking, 'I'm the only one who has seen something.' On the contrary, I'm looking for a community of people who have been through things.

I was sitting at my kitchen table in my apartment alone. White latex gloves, a red pen, carefully writing, and demons all around. One mistake and my soul would be pulled out of my body.

He tried to seduce me with white snow cocaine, silver, and girls in beautiful white dresses. What a nightmare, but I refused and made it around him.

Suddenly, I was pulled from the room by a freezing cold into the washroom, and he said, 'you know they are trying to murder you.' Fear, absolute terror, took over.

They had stolen my body; they had won, I was convinced of it. No words can express the feeling of loss and sadness. I was the victim of a demonic ceremony I had performed on myself accidentally.

Well, it was armageddon clearly, and I was naked, surrounded by demonic energy. To escape, I went out the side door of the house and walked with the feeling that society would be destroyed around me, as I desperately tried to make it to a synagogue to be made Jewish, naked.

My apartment was loaded with crack-selling gangsters. I was told the Police would be there any day to raid my home, so I escaped and left a homeless man on my couch, who later poured sugar all over my kitchen floor to feed the cockroaches.

I was sent to the insane asylum, and I thought it was a secret sacrificial site where they would plunge a knife into my heart outside in the middle of the day. I drank my own urine to ruin the value of the sacrifice.

I was convinced the cops and my doctor were conducting a secret plot to have me sent to prison to be beaten, raped, and murdered. I blew up my Facebook wall with insanity and then set fire to the house, and I did two and a half years in the asylum for that.

In a lockdown, I stood there with my shoes in old man's urine. 'How did I get here?' Unbelievable, I had been through so much, and yet it was as if the Universe was condemning me.

Listening to hollywoodundead and picturing myself as some kind of God, walking through a club with my vaporizer, owning it, knowing for a fact, I was something. Not like that anymore; I don't want to be or become a deity.

It was madness in every direction; I pictured a scene of lunatic land, where cannibals roam, thinking, 'my God, how did it come to this?'

I believe God was always there in my travels. I had faith that I would make it out of every trap I found myself in; when I looked back at the path, the journey was epic perfection.

Hatherley, in the basement, I had broken through all spiritual security of Earth and Space, then the guardians went around me and began working to murder me.

My sister had given me two months' notice to leave Hatherley; the apartment was trashed from desperate attempts to protect myself from demons, and it was all over; I called my mother and said somebody tried to stab me; I left Toronto to my mother's house in Nova Scotia.

Don't misunderstand me. I NEVER played with demonic energy, I encountered it, and it destroyed me numerous times. It's brutal, it's devious, it's wicked, and I hate it. You have no idea how much I don't like evil things or evil beings or especially evil people.

Evil people are a rarity in and of themselves. To plot how to torture another living being without remorse is the definition of evil. It rips the soul apart to be like that.

No, you can't take it back, but you can repent, say sorry, and move forward. I include the word repent because it's just my way; it's my spirit, telling people that a relationship with God, I believe, is critical.

How do you repent? Get down on your knees and bow to God, tell God you are sorry for your error, go through the pain of seeing the damage you have done, travel through your sin and really feel how damaging it is and feel sadness.

I did MDMA, and days later, I was in a dungeon in my dreams, connected to some crane, slowly moving from room to room. When I woke up, I went through over 30 hours of madness, afraid it would happen again if I went to bed.

I was put in with murderers, but it took me years to find out who exactly these guys were. I had no clue about the nature of their charges. When I finally realized what had happened, I was already gone.

I took one a half hits of acid, and my consciousness slipped into my foot. My friend turned into a pot-smoking skeleton. After the trip, the vision processing system in my brain was damaged. It's never recovered.

In a crazed episode, I destroyed all of my friendships and associations. Then again, none of these people could forgive me for being truly sick. Did I really need them? I've survived without them.

I was given the atmospheric sense that there was a werewolf outside my apartment on Hatherley. It was real, it was authentic, but was it true? No.

I woke up to a white ghost in my room. This woman was trying to assault me in the dead of night. After what I had seen, it wasn't so troublesome; it was more annoying, just seeking to be left alone.

There was a power outage; I stood there in my apartment, expecting demons to jump out and attack me physically. At any moment, I could be run through by a claw or a sharp spear, whatever weapon they had.

Writing these documents, I was presented with scenarios between writing sessions where demons would tell me they were going after my friends and family. I ordered demons executed everywhere I could to protect people I loved and cared about.

There was a power outage; I stood there in my apartment, expecting demons to jump out and attack me physically. At any moment, I could be run through by a claw or a sharp spear, whatever weapon they had.

Many friends who I protected (or at least I believed at the time I was protecting them) abandoned me in the end. Never to understand what happened on Hatherley. *House of the Rising Sun*

On O'Brien in Windsor, Nova Scotia, after Hatherley, I had lots of visions and mysterious feelings. Like Hatherley, I would write spiritual cards with white latex gloves, and I thought with my pen, I was changing the world.

The spirits had me doing strange rituals. In the morning, I would go to the meat market and ask for a whole chicken, and that 2:00 PM, I would begin making a chicken soup with bones. Looking at the clock 2:22PM.

I got a lot of help today from people. Much needed thank you.

I feel like a machine in a machine in a more extraordinary machine with machines all inside something with God and eleven angels above who all see, trying to tell me things through a black cat.

I don't want bad places, and it's not my job to drop in and save everyone. I personally have wants that were shattered along the long journey. That's where I want to be, not in dark realms.

I had just gotten out of the psychiatric hospital. The experience led me down a road of thinking dark and horrible. I just wanted to die, but I was scared to allow myself to pass, rendering my journey pointless; I held on like walking a razor.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ In 24, I am part of a delta squad assembled by President Palmer for an emergency, and we answer only to Jack Bower, and we go with him wherever he goes to aid and protect him.  

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ In Fear and Loathing, I'm a rival writer to Duke, and I frequently show up and take his drugs.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ In Riddick, I help him survive numerous assassination attempts, securing his throne and communicating to the dead for him.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ In Terminator, I'm the T1 Trillion that pulls matter from space and time and attempt to build weapons, but my system constantly overloads with the number of calculations it needs to make, and John Connor programmed me to kill all terminators.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ In Avatar, I bring Jake to the planet center, where we both find neuro links to the mother of the planet. We talk with her and worked out a plan to protect her.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ The Pacific, I'm a corpsman saving marines through the most vicious of battles against the Japanese.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Band of Brothers, I'm a medic, doing the same things, very friendly and loving and polite as we battle the Germans.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Dexter, I know exactly who he is and what he does, and I inform his sister way earlier of his activity. Then we work to stop him and make sure he doesn't do this nonsense anymore.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Batman Dark Knight, what can I say? I battle the Joker with Batman at all costs.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Aliens, oh man,   I warn the whole colonial marine group that they're walking into a nest, and I convince Ripley that we're in a trap they laid.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Prometheus, I encourage Shaw to leave David broken because he's evil and will manipulate then murder her.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Battlestar Galactica, I am the commander of the Battlestar Sun that carries four times the normal amount of nuclear weapons and twice the vipers. I track down and pledge allegiance to Adama.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ X-Men, I can make things with my mind, and I learn from Professor X and constantly work for him and help him.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Spartacus, I train as a Gladiator and fight in the arena until I win my freedom. I don't speak, I don't boast, I'm quiet most of the time, and I listen to Oenomaus carefully and become insanely skilled.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ 300, I'm an agent of the Gods, and I calmly advise King Leonitus that he should allow the mangled Spartan to participate in the battle, not in the front, but use him, so he does not need to turn.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Jurassic Park, I hack into Dennis Nedry's computer network and turn the raptor fences back on before they escape.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Oceans 11, I get them all busted for being thieves.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Bourne Identity, I'm trained like Jason Bourne, but I have my memories, so I find him and teach him everything they are doing at Langley.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Stargate SG1, I'm a renegade gate traveler helping all the SG teams at times of need, but I prefer to operate alone.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Pirates of the Caribean, I show up on the Black Pearl and pull a chain from the bottom of the ocean connected to a vault of the sea, and seduce Jack Sparrow with riches, but I take the Black Pearl through such a crazy adventure none of them want to sail anymore.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Final Fantasy 7, I save Aeris from Sephiroth and then counsel her that she should be with Cloud.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ True Blood, I stop Jessica from eating the poor innocent fairies.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ The Mandalorian - I show up and help build a new planet for the Mandalorians.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Outlander, I save Jamie from Black Jack Randal before any of that nonsense happens.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Vikings, I'm a priest who takes care of the wounded.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Independence Day, I explain to David before the attack that it's a countdown to extermination, I teach him everything, and he convinces the President just on time to save the helicopter crew.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Die Hard 3, I steal the Federal Reserves Gold and ship it to Africa as reparations for the slave trade. Samuel Jackson is made king of Africa.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Forest Gump, Bubbah doesn't die, I'm a medic part of the platoon, and I save him with surgical tools protecting him from death.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Black Hawk Down, I'm a medic who saves Rangers and Delta.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Almost Famous, I teach Russel that he belongs with his wife during an acid trip we both do. He should let Penny go, not lead her on.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Iron Man, I am Tony Starks trusted mechanic, working on the most up-to-date suites that can be imagined.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Firefly, I help Sheppard Book to teach these people to be better.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Metal Gear Solid, I save Snake from the torture chamber.

Hollywood Schizophrenia ~ Lost, I assist the doctor and work with him to keep everyone healthy.

And there were explosions of life and wilderness in my visions. They protected me and made me feel love and a profound sense of ancient sadness for all the spirits that suffered. I felt and heard a song in my soul; I'll never forget it.

I've had to sleep with good spiritual energies coming from my speakers. Music that touches the soul. I can only handle so much of the dark, before I have to return to the light.

There were times I had to impose profound divine energies into the darkness and overcome it. I want to go to heaven, a place that doesn't allow the mind to think about traps...