Stories of Adultery

Stephanie sits on a bar stool in the kitchen, watching her boyfriend Matt cook a meal. She loves him, he was the bad boy in school, and he always makes fun of her, claiming he will leave her for a 'hotter bitch.' She always laughs at him when he says this, but in her heart, she's afraid.

"You know the trick to cooking is love, I just give it all my love, and it comes out perfect," he says, flipping a pancake.

"The trick to a lot of things is love," Stephanie says.

Matt laughs, "Yeah, I know your pussy tells me that all of the time."

"You're disgusting!" She says, giggling.

"It's what it is, you show it love, and it comes out..."

"Perfect, I know." She says, rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, in your case, you just remove the word out," Matt says, reaching over the counter and pushing her.

"You're lucky to have me; you know that." She brags to Matt.

They have been together for seven months, and then a friend comes calling one day. Brian shows up, and he and Matt play video games while smoking weed with Stephanie.

"You got to come with me down to the pool hall, Bartlet's, Matt," Brian says.

"Yeah, I want to, but my woman won't let me go." He grins, angling the controller in his hand.

Stephanie exhales her smoke, "you can go, I guess; I'll come with you."

Brian scoffs, "It's kind of a guy's night-only sort of thing."

"Oh, well, in that case, he's not going anywhere." She notes.

"Come on, let me have some fun; I've been stuck in this place for months," Matt says.

"You can go, but just know I'll be at home figuring out the best way to poison you," Stephanie says.

"Real talk, real talk," Matt interjects, "Can I go tonight?"

"Do whatever you want," Stephanie says angrily.

"You won't be mad?" He asks.

"I'll be missing you." She says, sighing.

"Oh, I love you, babe," Matt tells her, kissing her on the cheek.

That night, Matt and Brian go to the pool hall and meet a group of younger girls. "Yo, you got to get in that," Brian says, talking about Matt going for a girl named Emily.

"Where are we going to go, the washroom?" Matt asks him.

"Yeah, brother, just fuck her in the bathroom and do some coke. Live a little." Brian says. 

Matt begins warming up to Emily, and slowly but surely, he gets her into the men's washroom and has sex with her in a bathroom stall. Matt feels the exhilaration of cheating on Stephanie; he loves it. He does some cocaine and talks to Emily.

"You're sexy," Emily tells him.

"Yeah, I know, but I got a girlfriend; this is a one-time thing." He reminds her.

"Sure, baby, whatever you say." She takes his phone. "What's the password?"

"1235," He says.

She unlocks it and adds her number to his contact list. "Call me when you get tired of your bitch," 

Matt laughs, "Will do."

They leave the bathroom, and Matt leaves with Brian. He gets dropped off from Brian's truck at Stephanies and his apartment. Opening the door carefully, he walks in, and Stephanie is there waiting. She throws her arms around his neck and kisses him, "Miss me?" She asked.

"Of course," Matt says, kissing her.

"Now, let's fuck." Matt and Stephanie go into the bedroom, and Matt has sex with her even though he's still covered in Emily. 

Over a month, Matt keeps seeing Emily. He becomes more and more distant from Stephanie, and she begins to become concerned.

"Are you cheating on me?" She asks Matt.

"Fuck no, what would make you say that?" Matt asked.

"Give me your phone," Stephanie demands.

"Why?" He questions.

"So I can see who you're fucking." She replies.

"You're fucking crazy; you know that," Matt says.

"Just give me your fucking phone," Stephanie says, pushing Matt.

"Fine, you won't find anything." He says, handing her the phone.

Stephanie searches the phone and sees the calls with Emily. "Who is this bitch?" She asked.

"That's my mother's friend from when I was a kid," Matt tells her.

"So you won't mind if I call her?" Stephanie asked.

"Not at all," Matt tells her, hoping she won't call his bluff.

She presses the call button, and a voice comes over the speaker, 'Hey baby, you want to meet up?' 

Matt grins and turns his head, 'fucking bullshit.' He says.

"You're fucking cheating on me with this whore!" Stephanie discovers.

"Yeah, whatever, I'm just like that." He says, admitting his guilt.

"Get the fuck out of my house!" Stephanie says, Matt, grabbing his phone and hanging up. He leaves, and Stephanie cries. She goes through her mind seeing images of the two of them together, and it's all painful.

Matt goes to Emily's and has sex that night, staying over. From then on, whenever he shows up at home, he and Stephanie fight, but she can't let him go. She feels him slipping away, piece by piece.

Stephanie sits down and thinks hard about it. "If I got pregnant with his baby, he would be tied to me forever." She sits there pondering. "All I have to do is stop using birth control, forgive him in a couple of weeks, then get pregnant." 

She follows through with her plan and ends up having sex with Matt when she's fertile, and he has no idea. One month later, Stephanie is pregnant, and Matt loses his mind.

"You're getting a fucking abortion!" He screams at her.

"No, I'm not! I'm keeping it." She declares.

Matt punches Stephanie in the face, and she begins to cry. "You're fucking dead to me; you know that," Matt says, with Stephanie crying out in pain. He leaves her that night, but Stephanie holds on and carries the baby for nine months, and by that point, Matt is obsessed with the fact he's going to have a child. The baby is born, and it's a girl, and Matt kisses his new baby girl on the face. 

"You love me?" Stephanie asks.

"You're my daughter's mother; I'll always love you." He says.

Stephanie cries, "I'm so happy." 

The baby being born changes nothing, and in years to come, Stephanie orders Matt to court to pay child support, and she has him wrapped around her finger, but he still runs off with girls, and Stephanie always reminds herself that she is in control of the whole thing.

Feel that? Feel the hatred in your heart, coming from however you perceived this? You need healing; you need the Lord. This is just one short story; yes, it's fiction, but it's closer to reality than anyone wants to talk about. The girl goes for the bad guy; he does bad things to her, so she turns desperate and latches onto him as close as possible. All four characters in this story are lost in lives of sin. Adultery and lust, this is the world we live in where people are doing this to one another, and then an innocent baby is born to this nightmare, and she grows up with these people teaching her all sorts of things. 

I do a lot of short stories where all the characters are just wrong-doers. Am I trying to say every single pregnancy is because a woman is trying to bind herself to a bad guy? Absolutely not, this is one story that will get under people's skin. Many children are born with loving parents who are not involved in such a horrifying nightmare.