Being in the Lord's name means thinking about the world and wondering how I can help to the best of my ability, despite being a man with severe illness. At one time, I was bent on forcing people to conform to a standard I believed to be 'a better way.' Eventually, I realized I was looking to attack evil aspects of people, write about the different bad things people are doing to one another and offer them a way out.

Other religions that are prominent on the Earth, I look at them and wonder, 'are they up to anything evil, like demon worship?' The answer is that very few people are doing things genuinely wrong. Most people are trying to do the best job they can in this life, with hopes and dreams that they will be relieved from their burdens after death.

You have bullies and people gossiping and doing wrong daily, which I call them out on, but they aren't trying to be evil; they are just getting caught up in nonsense. 

This is why I have no interest in converting people; I have no interest in going on some crusade to stop religions I don't believe in; the Lord can deal with these people in time if needed. People who don't think so, well, they're going to have a rough death if they end up in a hospital bed one day leaving this world. It's much better to have a solid spiritual foundation so you leave this Earth more comfortable with what may come after when the time comes.

Doing evil deeds and wrong in life won't get you what you need; that's something I want people to realize, but charity and treating others with kindness and respect creates a whole different profile of a person, something valuable. 

You have prisons loaded with gangsters, and all sorts of terrible things happen in these places. These are my targets; these are where I feel things have gone wrong. It's excruciating to see it, to watch people being so cruel and horrible to one another. That's why I believe in limiting the number of people we send through these systems. True, I also agree with the death penalty for murder, but many of these people are just being awful without having such a charge. Their environments need to be changed; they need to become better people; that's what I see.

Most people are doing their best; making it a bit better is worth it but not my priority.