Poetry By Adom Patchett

Who I’m Supposed To Be

Supposed to be somebody who never blinks in the face of adversity,

I find myself growing older with the visions of the light and the curiosity,

Good and evil,

Same old battle,

Going through being right and good in every frame pull,

Its how I am,

I never ever wanted to be villainous it was righteousness that I aimed for yet,

My mind takes me to dark scenes and I have to say that’s just not me,

Fight the evil at incredible speed,

You know I see a punk who would put a bullet in me and head off to jail for a twenty year sentence you see,

I see something,

A death that I don’t have to keep worrying my head around

I’m right he’s wrong,

I’m saying this in poetry but right always comes and wins its strong,

I will survive and keep on being right,

Hear the laughs of the children playing day and night,

The dogs bark and the neighborhood never falls apart,

Filled with green life what a green sight I can almost fall asleep with peace and no one judging me tonight



I see the innocence of people and I want to protect it,

Go a million miles to defend them,

Just give me the chance to be good and right,

I’ll reveal the way by candle light

Im looking for a better world something worth all the treasure under stars of pleasure

Measure every ounce of good weather,

And keep it flowing like fluid in the blood getting better,

Saline solution for the sicker,

I know its hard but I’m coming quicker,

Broken by a torture chamber,

Still going still going at it like a beautiful force of nature,

We all fit together,

Everyone has  a soul to be tending to becoming better,

In the light of a world so scary and sad so much good like a beach of grains of sand,

Walking in the wheat fields hands open walking the tended and,

Im just one man,

I can only do so much according to my plans,

Let this writing be my immortal stand,

Where everyone sees the molten platinum exhaled from my breath

Don’t think for one moment you could ever be me,

But you can be you and I honor that and respect that,

Take your heart and soul on an adventure that gives us all a rain bow and a pot of gold,

Its good to see you good to see everyone young and old changing the fold,

While I write these poems feeling older an ancient old

 The Good In Hearts

The good in peoples hearts should be displayed as art,

Downtown Toronto stories of all good people playing their part,

All around the world cities light up with tails in the parks,

Simple as walking dogs that bark,

Riddles from talking hogs so smart,

You couldn’t believe how much people are doing to break out of the dark,

Life is hard but good in the eyes of human beings needs to be come a glowing ward,

A symbol that cant be broken,

The magnitude at which rivals the heart of the Spartan,

Warriors who know peace and stand by guarding the dreams,

You want to be somebody then take the rains of the horse onthe street,

Become a hero to defeat the beast,

Everywhere everyone readies for a party and a feast,

Celebrating our ability to come and defeat,

Any evil any where any time any day doesn’t matter we will overcome and grow like trees,

Strength of a million bees,

Working together for the honey

 Immortal To Be

Belief in a single wish sitting in a tree believe what you can be

Immortality in a beed you swallow and become so much more than me,

Grace is something you have when you go through so much time in the desolate land and street

Hate is something you shed when you come to the good and right in the soul that knows no retreat,

Wont back down to any one its written you should read,

Peace comes with the mind and body and spirit of the soldier who knows he has to be right in the clearing,

Ready to battle the opposing,

What wicked man would stand and cackle and laugh at the righteousness of a good hearted ending,

Forget him and walk towards the forgiving,

And remember you’re worth every single fire in the mind burning,

Yearning to tackle anything standing that says it wants chaos and anarchy in the beach landing,

Order becomes so triumphant

Good comes at the sound of a trumpet

Right guides the spirits to the intelligent hunted

Who know what its like to have evil at the heel biting with pressure a hundred

Im seeing good everywhere Im looking,

Evil dies a slow death that’s worth it

 My Legacy

I want my mother and father to know I was good hearted,

Despite things I did that was a hard to burden,

I want my sisters to know I love life and a end to hurting,

I love them all even though Im banished to a body that’s introverted and gone taken,

I write this to stir the spirit to do good workings,

Laying in bed thinking,

Whats the best strategy to go on achieving,

Something good and right that stays with people every night,

Teaching people to be truly worth something

Not giving up and running when the Earth is shaking,

Holding strong and lining up to dig people out of a broken building,

Saving human beings its just what we need,

And protecting everything I see this and say that’s my legacy

I want to see human beings with no enemy,

Peace in the street as people march with their feet,

To rid them selves of dark feelings,

Together with love we beat all of the hurting,

Yeah I’ve come a long way concerning,

Not really I’m just ready to leave behind a legacy that wont be burning,

 The Heroes

The hero within us all,

Some have been given the call,

They know right like at last

Sinking the black eight ball,

Standing in the rain fall,

Looking at a field of evil,

Ready like an angel,

To battle what we need battled,

Good on you kill the snake that rattle,

Were all on the road beyond what we can fathom,

Swimming in the ocean,

Surviving and not drowning no erosion,

Thinking of a glass and inside is a potion,

Of life and strength and honor and duty,

To break the backs of the wrong doing,

Im just that always concluding,

There has to be an end to the movie shooting,

Bring a sequel from evil

and we burn down the studio brewing,

Bullshit every day

not needed we need a good play,


I just want to see evil loose and pray

 People I Don’t Know

All these people I don’t know

Their faces flashing in my mind haunting me like a black crow,

What is it about them

Why do I care

I stop to stare

But they aren’t looking fair

Its sad as a lost bear,

All these people I don’t know

Whats left of my heart to give out I wont show

I don’t trust this Im backing out

Letting it all go Im going around

Obstacles in my way with a roar I shout loud

Buildings shake glass shatters to the sound

I can feel so many things I want to be lost not found

I have my own road to travel

Its certainly a long street of gravel

I walk in the shadow

Im somebody that’s casual

What will happen I cant know

But what it will be is what it will be

That’s shown,


I strive for peaceful days,

I ask why during restless ways,

I get tied to a meaningful phase,

I don’t lie when I go and say,

I’m alive to bring good to the shame,

I try my best to remove the blame,

I do my worst to add to the flame,

I curse wrong doing each and every day


eace to me means violence has left and scars are healed,

Its hard to tolerate people who think it will always beblood in the field,

I believe in people being able to overcome the red bloody seal,

Human beings can live at last with nature and one another I feel,

You cant beat right that’s how I feel,

I try all night to teach the real,

Overcome the darkness it’s the golden deal


When I get it going the rhythm the flowing

The ice pick turning olden,

The white spit frozen,

This is when I find the golden,

Treasures it just pours out of me

I cant explain it properly

I just start writing to the beat,

Words I would never speak

Only put them down in writing no black tape,

I let it come out of me without restriction but with conviction,

I have a sense of a mission,

I think its gotten me trouble in past decisions,

I made out had to shovel and shout,

Bridges burned down then I’m out,

That was a win on that round,

Now I’m fulfilling what I’m all about

The surge the echoes in the cave can be heard all the way in the town

A Terrible King

Music I write words I place on time work with the scheme of rhyme,

I can assemble I aint lying I can place the correct answer to so many lines,

Where you fill like a cross word puzzle fill in the blanksand its humble,

Strength of a sword edge double,

Straight to the core heads rumble,

Believe it when I prove it ghost trouble,

You can picture the outline of the figure,

But its not manifested unless I say it’s formulated,

Key measures taken against where the attack originated,

Direct encounters making people feel obliterated,

You keep trying to write against me its invigorating,

When I say I stand for truth and justice and peace,

I can see you laughing,

You’re nothing but a villain I will keep coming till somethings happening,

The end to the reign of a terrible king who refused cooperating

When he was in it was all terrorizing,

Innocent people who weren’t antagonizing,

What I Go Through

If I could ever write the words to properly explain what I’m going through,

I doubt I would ever have the stomach or the guts to be revealing the truth,

It’s a hard place to be but to always speak is just not me,

I can be at a party with the darkness lurking you see,

And I’m trying to crush it in my mind

but the voices inside don’t break just cause I point out their lies,

Sometimes you have to hear the monsters cackles and cries,

Trying to sway me to the dark side,

They can go jump off the curb side into a travelling traffic time,

What I go through is painful to write these words is meaningful,

I dream of good things for people,

I dream of extraordinary things for righteous individuals,

Say it again and again,

Its good for me to win with the good in the tin,

Lets be clear I’m no fan of sin

I got pain in my spine that flows into my mind and stops me from expressing myself

In the words that I type I keep light but I don’t read right my eyes got jelly in them,

I feel like I’m trying to look through a milky crystal ball,

I wonder what I did to myself with the drugs I got so gone,

Emotional psychiatric pain for my entire life people say I’m strong,

Right, but I cant find no job

Hard to listen to the screams of a boss


Im so tired of the wasteful words

That come in parts like thirds

Whats worse Im writing till I break the curse

Of something that came first as a kid

When I had the thirst for finishing projects made a fus,

The brain couldn’t finish it hurts

They give me speed pills to increase the thrust,

To get things is a must,

Im all about doing the best that I can regardless of the

Brain that one day will turn to dust

What People Believe

I suppose I delight

In the right to write all night

The debate and breaking down peoples gates,

A part of me feels sorry for winning,

I don’t want to be disappointing,

Some people just need to be stopped in what their believing,

It drives me crazy no sleeping,

When people hold to opinions because their scared of no reason,

I don’t like it but its common among our species,

I think people will hold onto their beliefs until they are dead and pushing up daises,

Sometimes I wonder whats the point,

I look at myself and ask why do I keep the coin,

Of reason and proof and hard worked philosophical truth,

Seems like an old phone booth,

Some people just don’t need the root

I guess I see facts and people have their right to opinions and it’s just a clash

Silence After I Speak

You can be silent after I speak,

You can vote against my writing when I post it every week,

It doesn’t stop the fire the desire to say what I mean,

To explain how I see,

People take a lot of effort saying you don’t deserve to be somebody,

Hear me as I drop another poetic bomb on their factories of cheap honey,

Let me have the power to get around these people,

I cant stand the sheeple,

Judging me,

In my poetry I take you down roads of my personal misery,

Then I spring out and say something close to me,

I care about people don’t get me wrong,

Im just irritated when they read me wrong,

When they are too quick to pass judgement all talk


Glory and righteousness be a road I see and watch others walking down,

Sometimes they fall and I want to help them consider their way found,

Getting in the way of someone trying to do right is not my sound,

Warning people their in danger is all I’m about,

I’m seeing things before they happen I shout,

People wondering what I’m saying every round,

Banishing one another from the crowd,

Its sick its sad they are doom bound,

Stop in a hotel check in like I need a room now,

Finding a rotten accommodation like I told you but you needed the crown

You Cant Be That

People look at me doing stuff and are like you’re not that

Feeble minds think of me and judge me like you’re not on themap,

Get out of my way I’m trying to help you’re trying to judge people till they hang themselves by the rope,

You’re doing more harm than good,

Stop being somebody who’s saying you should,

Be this or that,

It’s a load of garbage covering the trap,

I don’t want to see people hurt yet it makes me so upset to see them hating on me like I don’t deserve,

To be who I am in the face of the worst case scenarios first,

There’s nothing I can do don’t you understand I’m doing my best to break us all out of the buried hears


Maybe one day I stand solid during the quake,

As it stands Im always falling to the shake,

Into a million pieces there I go break,

Come back together and try again for everyone’s sake,

Maybe a time will come where I succeed in creating impossible shapes,

Arriving with the guidance of fate,

My soul it aches

Looking for the perfect make,

Letting go of historical mates,

Right to the bone balancing on a pike,

What glorious roads I take


Fine wooden furniture,

Silk placed,

Dreams hatched,

The smell of fresh herbs in the kitchen,

Memories of being a child,

Red oak chairs,

Built to perfection,

A home missed,

Black iron gates over the fireplace,

Christmas history,

Family so excited to come down and see presents,

A Maine coon cat out in the snow,

What I remember


People were devastated,

I looked and thought she must have been in a lot of pain,

I didn’t know her too well

What happened,

How did this come about,

Its not what I know,

I’ve felt the end is near with doubt,

What sadness

Its like she didn’t even leave

If I knew her better would I have seen,

The act coming,

I don’t know,

I didn’t see her capable,

Her voice is still with me,

I wonder where she went,

Only God knows

 I Couldn’t Loose Her

My mother has been there,

To save my life shes been there,

Through courts and battles,

Hardship and fights,

Terrible things we’ve said,

But I see her and think I cant loose her,

I don’t know what my heart would do,

Break in two,

She means the world to me,

Sometimes I want to leave,

But I think I cant,

She would be alone,

That’s the last thing I would ever want,

My father supports me,

He’s the rock in the family,

Stable as a support beam,

Working as he getting older,

Still looking at my projects and helping,

There with me during times,

I couldn’t have made it this far without him,

Just keeps on giving

Thinking of the big picture

Hes that


I cant loose him, but as he taught me, we all die

The Writing Changed

I don’t need to rhyme everything,

Some things are best left to be free,

I think it cant be me,

Writing some of these things,

Surprising myself is need,

Small things here and there,

A change in the weather,

A part of me just allows it to be,

A Forest Girl

A girl lays in a field outside a forest

Butterflies land on her,

Shes wondering what the noises of the forest say,

Asking questions and listening,

The birds the bees the nature it all says things,

This is her perfect spot,

A river not to far,

She wonders what animals are thinking,

Emeralds is what she sees in the trail of forest air,

Green glitter coming from the forest,

Magic of the fresh green leaves,

It’s a sanctuary of hers,

A place where she is immortal young,

Memories of her childhood here,

As she grows older,

She always stops by this place,

Its hers forever

Gold Gates

A river filled with stones and fish,

A tree old and wise,

An eye with blue and hints of yellow,

Blue oceans in the distance,

Solid stone where somebody sits,

A yellow spiral of energy,

A glowing orange ball it hovers,

Green life rushes out from a stone lake,

Golden bars entrance to the waterfalls,

Wisdom in this place is ancient,

Correct To Change

Open up the heart,

Would you ever want to be a part,

Of a mark on the Earth that maybe never gets washed off,

Cloth rag,

Polishing a soldiers boot,

Its just not me I refuse,

I had grandiose ideas,

I had a whole mountain of energy to go through with a sword of fire wield,

Now I cant stand the thought of doing anything wrong,

Violence and hatred,

Just not me I’m irritated by the masses,

But not thinking I have to find a way to command them,

Now it’s like old shows re ran them,

I see them now and think Ive come a long way

From what I used to say,

Used to think,

Such negative things,

Now its all about correct and right,