How Do You Come To The Lord?

In bed, I lay there in emotional pain, but I know the Lord is there with me whether I want him there or not; I can't see him, I can't hear him, but he's there, and he's telling me things. Just knowing that he is there seeing this, knowing me, and refusing to leave, lets me know my creator is part of this experience.
I could be asking, 'why are you letting me suffer?' Instead, I don't act childish; I just pray to him and allow his presence to be there. My hopes and dreams are that one day, he'll take me from this life and put me on the road of peace and salvation.
Doing everything I just did, is being with the Lord. So to come to him is that even when you're in pain when you involve him in your mind, when you ask him questions and respect him, you're in his name. You can get down on your knees and pray to him, or you can lay there in your bed, preferably as clean as you can be, and talk to him. Tell him things, turn to him; he's real; he's there.
Treat him like he's the Lord, extremely holy, and constantly aware of what is true and what is not. One day you can get down on your knees, but if you're in as much pain as I've been in, then laying in your bed with your hands together and just talking to him is a very holy thing to be doing. It's real, it's raw, it's hard, but it's what you need.
So you come to him when you see that one day, he takes sick children from their death beds and brings them on all sorts of miraculous adventures. This is what you need to see, many people on the Earth are suffering, and you are part of that family of people who suffer. Once it's time to die, it all ends, and if you held the Lord in your heart and prayed to him, he will be glad to see you and send you where you need to be.
To deny him, to forget about him, to try and keep him out of your thoughts because you can't handle that he allows you to suffer like this won't do you what you need. Accepting him, allowing him into your heart, and seeing that down the road, he makes it all come together and end the way terrible things should, for good.
To pray to him when in pain, to thank him when feeling better these are perfect things for the soul. Come to him in your thoughts and say, 'you are the Lord, almighty God, and I am not perfect like you; I am just one of your children who needs you; hear my prayer.' Excellent! Great! Good to be like that; these are the ways you come to the Lord.

Every day you need to start thinking about how to please him, how to conduct yourself, how to speak to people and treat them, and how to keep yourself from breaking the rules. The more goals you achieve, the closer you get to him. If you slip up, then get back on the path. Walk away from fights, don't call people names, and treat others how you want to be treated.