Hollywood Schizophrenia

Knowledge and I had completed the system. It uploaded all memories and Knowledge to a hyper multi-realm experience in which all the places of the mind became places one could travel to. With the help of tags, you could tag an object and bring it back to normal reality. We worked out of a secret United States military base, and detachment Delta was there for security. Knowledge took my entire mind and put it through the hyper system because he knew I had written a book on sacred objects. He wanted to tag them and bring them back home for his own plots. He opened the doorway to my mind and entered, and when I woke up, I checked the system and could see it was running with his authorization codes. Very quickly, I changed the parameters based on my contingency backup plan, that if my mind was ever to be hacked, it would run the realms in a sequence I chose. I informed Delta what had happened and told them it was a matter of global security that we get in there and stop him. I warned them of the troubles of the scenarios but that I found a way for them to always be armed. There was Lieutenant Hopper, Sergeant Fox, and three corporals, Mike, Sarah, and Walker. All were heavily armed, but I told them they weren't ready for this. We were going to locate sacred objects in every movie I had ever seen, every television show, every book, and everything I had ever created. The original point of the program was to manifest objects and tag them and take them back to the highly secure vault facility and store them. I had placed sacred objects in everything I had ever seen. Knowledge wanted that. All I had to do was describe the things and what they did, and the hyper system did the rest. Across the facility, I ordered a code black. Black sirens and an audio recording played through the com. "Black alert, black alert, lockdown imminent." Delta showed up at main operations quickly.
"Adom, what's going on?" Hopper asked.
"Knowledge has gone into my hyper realms. He's betrayed us." I replied. "We need to go in after him and stop him," I emphasized.
"What's he doing?" Fox asked.
"He's after some pretty dangerous stuff," I told them, rubbing my hand over my head.
"What like nukes?" Sarah asked.
"No, he has no use for nukes; he's after stuff much more dangerous," I responded.
"Why don't you just tag the objects from our reality here?" Sarah asked.
"We specifically built the system that you had to go into the different realms and go through them," I said.
"Why?" She asked.
"Security, you can tag most things, but what Knowledge is after is the secret things I developed in my writings."
I walked over to a crate and opened a box filled with digital arm pads. "These arm pads will allow you to travel the realms with me. I have a backup plan in case this ever happened." I began handing them out. "Put them on."
"What are we up against?" Hopper questioned.
"Everything insane I ever came up with." I waved my hand. "The armbands. Listen. They will show you what realm you're going to next, what realm you're in, and how many realms there are to go."
"Can we die in there?" Mike asked.
"Absolutely, but I have it set to work in our favor." Once they all had the bands on, I added our profiles to the system. "You can die, but it's also the ride of your lives," I said, activating the system.
"I don't like this," Hopper noted.
"I see that. It's a black alert, though; if we don't stop him, he'll mess up the real world beyond imagination. You really don't understand what's in there."
The system began counting down.
"I haven't even gotten to say goodbye to my wife," Walker told everybody.
"Where are we going first?" Hopper asked.
"System prepping for hyper realm jump, the first realm is "Nazi Zombies - Call of Duty."
They all looked at me in horror. "That's not possible," Fox said.
"Zombies?" Sarah asked.
"It's okay; we just need something significant from Zombies," I told them.
"Like what?" Mike asked.
"The magic box," I replied. "We cant tag it and bring it back, but we can use these." I pulled out markers from my pocket and handed them around. "We mark the box and then take it with us into the next realm."
"I'm going to puke," Walker said.
I grabbed my M4 from the table and listened to the system count down. Black energy began moving all around us, and the system began moving our bodies into the realm track. We found ourselves at the beginning, Zombies, where Knowledge refused to go, and I had the plan to highjack the magic box.
"Use your pistols only. We don't need to waste ammunition. Shoot for the head; we must get to the box." I told them. I walked over to the door and began chanting. Usually, it would help if you built up to leave the first room, but this is my mind track we're on.
Zombies began appearing, walking over to the windows. "Um, guys, we need to get the hell out of here," Sarah said, aiming her pistol at a zombie's head and pulling the trigger.
Suddenly, the door opened. "Come on, let's go."
Walker ran over, 'Wait a minute how did you do that?'
"We're in my mind. It just works for me." I told Walker. "All I have to do is walk through it, and everything just happens." We walked through the different zones of the map, until we found the magic box.
Hopper pulled out his marker. "Careful careful." I said.
"Am I doing something wrong?" He asked.
"The moment you mark the box, the level goes up to 100. Make sure everybody is ready to jump." I replied.
"Jesus Christ level 100?" Mike questioned. "This is pure evil."
"No, this is just how I think," I told them.
Hopper looked around at everyone, people raising their rifles, and he marked the box, and out of nowhere, wheels appeared and attached themselves to the box, and then handles flew onto it. The cry of hundreds of Zombies could be heard in the halls. "Ready to jump," I said, pressing a button on my armpit.
"Zombies completed, next realm, Jurassic Park." The arm pads said.
Walker screamed in anger, "What?!" Everyone began shooting as black energy moved around us.
"We're after the black tyrannosaur egg," I told them.
After about fifteen rounds each, we entered Jurassic Park. By marking the magic box, it came with us into Jurassic Park. We stood there in the jungle, everyone with their guns up, including me. "What does the box do?" Walker asked.
"You cut your hand, place your blood on the box as a sacrifice, and then it will keep us something we need," I replied to Walker.
"This is some freakshow shit," Hopper noted.
The jungle was dense and humid, filled with the sounds of birds and insects everywhere. Everyone stayed on high alert as I cut my hand and placed it on the magic box. The box lit up in the excitement and then opened, revealing a gold tranquilizer sniper rifle with a scope and darts on the side.
"Okay, I see what the box does," Sarah said.
"It's the golden tranquilizer gun. It will bring down a T-Rex in less than a second." I told the team. "We're after the Rex nest. I have to put a dart in the T-Rex, put her to sleep, and snatch an egg she's guarding."
"I'm not moving a foot," Mike said.
"Yeah, exactly," Walker replied.
"We need the map," I said, taking the golden tranquilizer gun from the box and seeing it shut. I placed my hand on it again, and it tickled the box and little babies could be heard giggling. The box opened, and there was a digital compass that popped out.
"What the fuck is that?" Hopper asked.
"It's the magic compass, watch," I said, pressing the compass and viewing a digital 3D hologram map get projected. I pointed to a black target flashing. "There's the egg. Southeast from here."
"Useful," Sarah noted. Suddenly, we heard the bushes rustle; guns pointed immediately.
"We can't stay here; the game will know we're camping and send animals this way. Raptors." I told them.
"Raptors?" Hopper asked. "We're out of here. Mike, take the box. We'll take turns rolling it around."
"You can't take that around the jungle," Sarah pointed out.
"It's the magic box, so it will go over terrain easily; think of it as a magic wheelbarrow. Only it's behind you." I told Mike. He stood between the handles and lifted, and the box made a growling engine sound.
"Let's rock," Hopper said.
We headed South East, with the sounds of the wheels on the magic box making a squeaking sound.
On the road, we encountered many great trees and herbivores. After a bit of time, the team warmed to the place. "This is worth it," Sarah said, patting a triceratops.
"That's what Jurassic Park is all about, wonder and amazement, and then it turns awful, so we don't want to stay here." I taught them.
Finally, we came close to the next. I handed the golden tranquilizer to Sarah and began climbing a tree. "Don't shoot her," I said. "Let her come to eat, and then I'll get her," I said, talking about the T-Rex.
"How will you lure her?" Hopper asked.
"She already knows we're here," I replied.
"Not what I fucking wanted to hear," Walker said.
I positioned myself with the rifle, and we all stayed in silence. Then, the terrible bass and vibrations of a large predator began haunting us. Coming closer, and closer. "Quiet," I said, aiming the rifle.
The T-Rex appeared, and everyone froze. They all had seen the movie, so it wasn't exactly a problem, just nerve-wracking.
She rumbled and made sure we knew she was there. I fired the tranq gun, and she went immediately to sleep. "See, not a problem," I said.
"Not a fucking problem. I almost pissed myself," Walker explained.
"That was not good," Sarah added.
"Well, it's done; let's get the egg," Hopper ordered. We walked into the nest, found a baby, and saw the black egg.
"You can pet her if you want. It's not a problem." I told them.
Sarah walked over to the baby rex and began stroking her head. "This is something." She said. "This is really something."
I walked over and tagged the black egg. "Good, that's one thing I don't want Knowledge getting his hands on," I said.
Suddenly raptors were running into the clearing. I immediately began shooting, we all began shooting, killing raptors, and our armbands started counting down. "Next realm, 24." The devices said.
Our devices triggered, and we shifted realms coming right into a firefight. It was the middle of downtown Las Angelas, and Jack Bauer was behind a black Ford F-150 taking fire.
"Those are Knowledges agents!" I screamed, everyone, running up behind the Ford F-150.
"You're Keifer Sutherland," Mike said, marveling.
"What?" Bauer questioned.
"That's Jack Bauer; they are not the same person," I told him.
"How do you know my name?" He questioned as a bullet went through the windshield.
"We're here to help," I said, shooting back. "Palmer sent us," I told him.
Hopper screamed out, "Changing!"
"Delta!?" Bauer said, "This is insane; who are all these guys? What's with the box?" The box remained silent.
"Knowledge is after the president's white phone; we're after the Pentagon's black phone," I told them.
"What do the phones do?" Sarah asked, shooting round after round.
"The white phone summons the power of the national guard wherever you are. The black phone summons the power of the U.S. airforce." I said. "The black phone is better." I paused, shot a round, and then said. "It's time." I told them.
"Time for what?" Hopper asked.
"Time for me to walk." I told them, dropping my gun and walking into the middle of the firefight.
"Get down! Get down!" Bauer screamed.
*Dragonette - Hello* Plays from the sky.
"Music?" Hopper asked. "This place plays music!"
With the wind at my back and chaos all around me, I walked as if nothing could touch me. "This is my mind; this is my world," I whispered. Bullets whipped around me, but nothing could collide with me. The Delta Force was in shock, watching me walk into the firefight, and the magic box got on its wheels and headed over to me. I cut my hand and opened the box. A grenade launcher appeared with a strap loaded with grenades. I grabbed it and began walking and firing it at Knowledges troops, dodging and doing unbelievable footwork.
"Jesus." Sarah said. "He's getting them."
They were all watching as I fired grenades at enemies until they were all dead. I walked back. "You see, this is my mind, it works for me, all you have to do is follow me, and we'll get out of this, no matter where we go." I said.
"Are you God?" Jack Bauer asked.
"No! I'm Adom!" I told everyone. "I programmed my game. I'm just a man, but in my mind, I'm powerful." The magic box rolled over to Sarah, and rested on her foot. "It's reminding us we have to get the black phone." I reminded everyone.