Healing In The Feminist and Men's Rights Movement's

I found the Men's Rights Movement during a time when my suicidal depression wasn't being treated. I was taking Seroquel, but this did not bring my feeling of wanting to die to be under control. Now that that is being treated with Sertraline, I still find the Men's Movement to be deeply painful. Many things they talk about bring out my pain with the opposite sex.
Here's the main point, while Men's Rights can bring out a lot of pain, I don't see their authors as individuals trying to create suffering. They are trying to improve things; that's what I see. I also see feminists in the same light, people trying to do what they feel is right, not in every case, but enough.
My solutions for the pain are deep, profound spiritual experiences with hallucinogenic substances and practices of meditation, and prayer, coming to the Lord. Is there a need for justice? Yeah, I see many girls and women getting away with things that cry for the Lord's vengeance, but when you're like me, you don't want to see the Lord draw his sword. The last thing I want to see is these women go head to head with him and face punishment; he's terrifying when he does this.
What about the risks of psychedelic drugs for healing? They are real, and they are very devastating. Coming down with permanent psychosis can lead to a difficult road in life; that's why I say be careful but consider how angry and filled with hate you are. There's a possibility you can find love for the opposite sex and all human beings, which is priceless.
I'm not saying you should stop trying to change the world; by all means, I'm doing the same thing. Many people have done vital work for humanity, including people in the Men's Rights Movement.
However, I do point out that there needs to be medical intervention in the case of many followers of Feminism and Mens Rights. These people need emotional care, love, respect, honor, dignity, and all sorts of things that have been stripped from them. That's my job, to try and bandage them up as they continue their lives in this troubling world.
As far as the wrong-doers go, I don't see them as purely my enemy that needs to be destroyed. I see them as human beings, who need to be saved from evil. So the women and men who hurt me throughout my life, especially the women, there's a part of me that wants justice for being abused by them, then there's my literal decision. What I mean is, if I were to have the power to decide if I wanted them hurt for hurting me, I would say no; I want them to learn and become better people on the Earth. Some of them are hopeless causes, but I need to try.

When I say to the Men's Rights that they need therapy, the first thing that probably pops into their mind is going to see a feminist therapist who laughs in their faces about their grievances. In fact, the majority of therapists would probably not care about men's grievances. What to do? We need therapists for men and boys who can take them through experiences that help them heal. Am I saying they need to forgive? I believe forgiveness shouldn't be forced; it should come on its own if it does at all.

The ultimate healing force is the Lord, he can see all the things wrong done to you, he can see all of the problems you face, and he has the keys of solutions to all the chambers of suffering known to humanity. You picture in your mind a loving father who cares for you carefully, for all the times you were suffering, you realize he was right there, seeing everything and assigning you gifts and adventures to heal your soul. The most powerful of all healing comes after death, that's the sad reality of the world we live in, but it's a good thing in the broader picture of immortality.

Only specific men deserve sex, the rest are inferior, and you are to call them rapists if you slip up and have sex with them. As a girl you are to seek absolute perfection, teaching men they are inferior, so the only guys who get laid and don't get a rape charge, are the evil wicked ones who refuse to see flaw in themselves, and believe they are perfect, who are also the same men who would be put to death in old times for adultery. And if you act like a bad boy and try and convince girls you're perfect, and then you slip up, then her rape radar gets triggered and she calls the power of law enforcement to destroy you. So righteous good men are doing the good thing by seeing they are not perfect, but women are not attracted to that, so righteous men are being destroyed.

And they call you a beta male, and they call you a lesser male, when in your heart you have the potential of being a son of the Lord, and that is worth more than any woman or man can offer you on the Earth, or in all the Universe which belongs to him, our father in heaven.

Why I Left Feminism

From a young age, I was taught to always respect women, and care about their grievances. When I got to high school, the girls there didn't seem to care that I treated them with respect, they seemed to be hot for the bad guys, and it wasn't until I discovered MRA's that I saw what was happening. Never before had I asked the question, 'what about my pain?' I always thought, 'there are people worse off than you, you could be female.'
It's taken a long time to see that feminism was nothing more than a movement that answered for people, 'why am I in pain? Oh, it's patriarchy!' When I looked at men's rights, I saw pain and suffering and genuine grievances. There was a desire in my heart to smash feminism to pieces after what it had done to me in my teens and twenties. Treat women with respect, and they will treat you the same way. That's a deception, a complete and total lie.
At the same time, do I want to hate the opposite sex? I just see some of the opposite sex have chosen a road of evil; same with some guys; they are just nasty people, and they have sway in people's minds. Finding the Lord taught me that evil people have always been a problem good people are faced with; it makes this short stay on Earth very painful. Evil people can never get away with what they're doing, so hating them is useless; healing is what I desire, feeling as comfortable as I can in this twisted mess. Forgiveness? There are some girls who my heart holds onto hatred for how they treated me, but my spirit wants to let that go and travel far away from these thoughts and feelings.
My analysis of the men's movements is they do their best to address the pain and suffering, but we need more solutions. I don't want to be hated, but part of the human story is people and groups of people being hated for all sorts of reasons. It hurts to think that some girls and guys out there laugh at my pain and suffering, but then my spirit and the Lord remind me that all of this will be solved. It's just a matter of time, really.
All of that being said, I think it's clear my mission is to craft resources that teach people, including myself, how to heal and remain as healthy as possible. I don't claim women have no valid grievances with evil men, I've known evil men, and they do a lot of damage. So I hope my mission will help women as well.