He Wants To Shoot Up His School

Fictional Spree Killer Short Story Study

Carl sits in math class and keeps his eyes down at the desk. The teacher is saying things, but Carl's distracted and picturing scenes in his mind.

Scene 1

Carl walks into his math class with a shotgun and starts killing fellow classmates. He shoots the teacher as well, and it's all done to a track by Eminem. He keeps blasting away at kids hiding behind desks and witnesses a river of blood flowing down the center of the classroom.

Scene 2

Carl stalks the school's hallway with an AR-15 and shoots kids everywhere he goes. Kids scream and run, but Carl is a good shot, he thinks, shooting them before they can escape.

Scene 3

Carl pulls out a pistol and executes a bully right there in the school gymnasium. It's an epic scene, a moment of triumph over the rotten scumbags who have treated him so viciously.

He spends all of his math class thinking about this, and he notices a dark black feeling come over him, something telling him this is going to happen sooner or later, and he's going to die doing it. Carl is an atheist; he doesn't want to die but doesn't want to live. 

Carl wants all the girls in school to know he's a deadly dark agent of death; he wants them all to see how systematic and poetic he is in his murderous thoughts; he desires attention and will give anything for it.

At home, he plays Call of Duty and calls opponents faggots over the mic, and people return the same comments. Carl feels dark and focused. Later that night, he looks at gothic girls on pornhub and feels like kissing them and laying with them. 

Carl wants to write books of his thoughts, but he can never manage to get out more than a few words, but to the sound of music, he can see so many things, so many different ways of killing people. He's not into torture, he's into mass destruction. Kill as many as you can, and then put a bullet in his own head. 

Adom: "Carl thinks about killing people every time he listens to music. He thinks of the perfect symphony of destruction, everywhere he goes, everywhere he walks, eats, waits for the bus, and this goes on for hours during the day. This is the mind of a spree shooter with obsessions and evil desire, but the critical thing is the mind keeps on running over the same things repeatedly, and it forms a social profile for him, dark, quiet, weak, and awkward."

Carl dresses in all black and walks in school hallways listening to music. "You're supposed to be in class." A teacher says.

"I know, sorry." He replies innocently.

Carl feels trapped like there is no way out, and every encounter he has with students and teachers makes it more accurate that he's going to try and kill as many as he can.

He runs simulations in his mind of how the shooting would go, how he would trap people, and how would he do the most damage. He wonders this and works it out in his head, slowly planning, getting closer to trying to find some guns.

You may think that Carl needs the most violent forms of music possible, but that's just not true; he listens to classical and pictures a bloodbath, stabbing people, shooting people, blood on his military boots and on his cheek.

It's a love of destruction that flows in his mind; he gets a rush thinking about gunning people down; it's a dark reward feedback system where he feels the pleasure and goes deeper and deeper into fantasy. 

Carl begins visiting gun shows, looking at the different tools of death he could use. Always listening to music, always deep in thought. He decides he wants to do the whole shooting with a couple of handguns. There is the AR-15, but Carl wants to execute people for bullying. The image in his mind of holding a gun to a bully's head and watching him cry and girls screaming around him, putting a bullet in the guy's head. It's a satisfying feeling of murderous rage. It will cost him $1500.00 for the whole package, including ammunition.

Carl's not old enough to buy a gun; he's only sixteen, so he gets a family member to start taking him to the shooting range, and he starts to get used to the fire-breathing nature of handguns. Hard to control, hard to stay accurate, but he learns.

Sex is on his mind sometimes, and he marvels at the beauty of some of his classmates. He wants to put bullets in them, but the fantasy of doing so is very clean, very specific. He wouldn't shoot a beautiful girl in the head; he would shoot her in the heart and watch her bleed out. This is romantic for him.

Once Carl finally convinces a family member to buy a couple of guns, his time of hope has passed. A part of Carl wants to escape and get out of the road to the bloodbath. The idea he will die doing this is not satisfying. In his mind, his consciousness will cease to exist if he dies, and that's not what he truly wants.

Carl ends up with one Glock 9mm, and one Baretta 9mm, two hundred rounds of ammunition. The days play out very slowly, and with every day passing, Carl feels more dark and sick inside. His stomach starts to feel black, and he feels his innocence slipping away.

He looks through his yearbook and see's the different girls and guys who have made fun of him for being a weirdo and a creep,' and he feels the rage boiling inside. 'You're all fucking dead.' He mutters. 

Later that night, he drinks a bottle of vodka and watches the videos about Columbine Highschool. He understands what happened on a very different level. How they must have felt the days coming up to it. How they wanted to love and romance, and it all went to hell.

Carl finally decides on a date; it would be a Tuesday. He tries to record himself talking about why he did what he did, but it all comes out wrong, and he thinks, 'fuck this, I'm playing video games.' Even the war games he loves feel empty and meaningless. He feels a profound sense of guilt, but he swallows it, and forces himself to focus.

Tuesday comes around, and he walks into class in tactical gear with the guns hidden. He's carrying enough ammunition to achieve his goals. He wants at least thirty people; that's his mission. He listens to a song on his phone and then takes a breath, pulls a pistol, and shoots a guy in front of him in the back of the head. People begin screaming immediately, and the teacher stands in shock. He shoots the teacher and then starts shooting ballistically around the classroom. It's loud, and it's hurting his ears, but his adrenaline is spiking, and he keeps shooting.

It takes less than five minutes, and a group of people are dead; the rest are cowering under desks or rolling around in agony. He begins executing people who are injured and then watches as some kids escape the classroom. He walks out into the hall and starts shooting more. By now, the cops have been called, and he's running out of time. Out of the six guys he wanted to kill, he only got one of them and one girl. 

'Fuck it.' He thinks, 'Just keep shooting people.'

Adom: "What's important here is Carl is not even going for his targets; he's just getting lost in the bloodbath, and the people who really hurt him, are going to make it out alive. I'm not saying that's a bad thing; I'm noting that shooters take innocent lives who did nothing to them, they're just part of the event."

Carl ends up shooting himself in the head after killing two kids hiding in the bathroom, but he doesn't die. Eventually, the paramedics get to him, and rush him to the hospital, where he ends up dying from his wounds.

End of Story 01

So I needed this to be shocking and horrifying. I quickly jumped into a fictional character's mind and explained a couple of things about people who do mass destruction. I titled the book something so shocking that it would get people's attention because the absolute truth here is that I can see things that other people can't. That's going to be a common theme throughout this short piece. What's my goal? To stop them.

In the case of Carl, he wanted out, but he saw no way out, he was trapped in having to go to school and the regiment that kept him locked in a development process of becoming a spree murderer.

The Hybrid

Jamie is fifteen, and throughout his life, he has taken great pleasure in hurting animals. His best friend's cat, the neighbor's dog, he even killed a raccoon with a hunting rifle and took great pleasure in it. 

Something about the hunting rifle is very appealing to him. He manages to get a scope for it, and he keeps it in his bedroom, his parent utterly oblivious that this rifle means so much to him.

In the games he plays, he always chooses a sniper roll and works on his skills through a scope. 

During school, Jamie pictures shooting people from a window and works out the best place on the grounds to shoot people from. 

"What are you always thinking about?" Samantha asks Jamie.

"Nothing, just daydreaming." He says.

"Can you not daydream around me? It's creepy." A girl named Jennifer says. Jamie says nothing in response and just keeps on looking onto the football field.

The guys all make fun of him for being a loser, and the girls don't like him either. He's alone and lost in the desire to hunt these kids. 

Then one day, one of the guys pushes him onto the cement outside of the school. "Faggot." The guy says, laughing.

Jamie is so introverted; he can't say anything back, he just gets up and walks away, but that moment decides for him he would shoot people at his school. 

Two days later, Jamie shows up to school with a bag covering the rifle. He positions himself a great distance on the football field, pulls his rifle out, and aims at one of the jocks. He pulls the trigger. Before he knows it, everyone is running inside, and Jamie is struggling to shoot people, but he manages to hit three people outside and one person at a window. The Police show up, and Jamie puts down his rifle and surrenders.

"Why did you do that?" The officer asks him. Jamie says nothing.

He is charged in court with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder. They try him as an adult. For the remainder of his life, he will be in a cell, thinking about what happened, wishing he never did it. 

End of Story 02

Infamous Romance

Brad is a man in University who came from the same school a girl named Tessa came from. They were good friends in school, and Brad slowly fell in love with her. 

She would tell him all about her sex life, and he would just say, 'I haven't found the right girl yet.'

Truly, in his heart, he wanted Tessa. One day he went to her apartment off campus and got drunk with her.

"Tessa, I'm in love with you." Brad said.

She was shocked, "I'm sorry Brad, but you're like my best friend, I'm not into you that way."

Brad went home and watched some pornography, but every time he saw a girl on screen giving oral sex, he would picture Tessa with another guy, giving him oral sex. This drove him to rage and sadness. This went on for five months, and Tessa began distancing herself from him. He was heartbroken. 

After a year had gone by, he was still a jealous wreck. He took his parent's AR-15 to University and began shooting girls everywhere; and when the cops showed up, he had a brief exchange with them; and got scared and ran for one of the open classrooms. He tried to cut his own throat with a knife, but he ended up face down on the floor in blood, and the cops came in and arrested him. He was taken to the hospital under serious guard, and all he could think about was Tessa, giving a guy oral sex, and how the love of his life would never love him back. He went to jail for first-degree murder.

The ultra male teachings:

"If you're a boy or a man who can't get the pussy he wants, then you're a loser. Real men get what they need from women, and women love them for it. If you're not getting pussy, you're a faggot."

This quote above is the command line running in the minds of boys and men all over the world. It's something wicked and ruthless men love to regurgitate, but these are also the popular guys we're talking about. They need to see a revolt happen against them. Where males and females all over the place stand up and say, 'I don't fucking want that. I hate that thinking line.' It's critical in addressing murderers and all sorts of problems. Murder due to fighting over women has been with us for a very long time, and it's not something to be ignored when studying the spree killer.

End of Story 03

How is this happening?

Lots of people wonder how these guys can kill our children. This is the same question echoed throughout the world. Directed at murderers and has been repeated for thousands of years. The answer to your question is 'evil,' but sometimes evil has a structure formed that allows for more of it to be produced. 

The first segment of this piece had some pretty brutal short stories. When going after evil, sometimes you have to look inside and wonder if there's also evil coming from you. In the case of public school, there's lots of terrible psychological torture going on that can drive people into the hands of the devil. 

In the last hundred years, it looks like we have deteriorated in our moral compass; we've gone astray, which is what those stories depicted. There are things we're doing, like forcing a bunch of children to figure themselves out in a confined space, and what direction do many of them take? Evil, they turn into little monsters, and something needs to be done about it.

At the same time, we've done lots of revolutionary things, so I'm not saying we need a complete stop; we need drastic measures to change the field of evil. 

How Do We Stop What's Happening?

You can only end so much of it, but the answer is the problem is mental health-related, and spiritual, and that's something medication can help with, but we need meds that are not currently in widespread use by psychiatrists. Psychedelics.

Psychedelic drugs can turn on the heart and get the soul to express itself in beautiful ways. It can also drag a person through a terrible experience, but in the case of psychotic killers, we may need this.

To use mescaline to take people on wild adventures of the mind in a safe environment can bring them to love again and turn them away from evil. If they fail, then we have antipsychotics to use, which can help but have dishonorable side effects, like metabolic syndrome.

Also, to good old-fashioned allow the potential killer to say, 'fuck it, I'm gonna use cocaine and not care.' That's not entirely what I want, but it's much better than death and carnage.

Partying can be a good solution, and if you don't want to be an awkward introvert, ecstasy and methamphetamine may be something to consider.

Be mindful, though, that you can get the person to turn away from the darkness, but once it's there, I get the feeling it won't go away; you don't entertain it anymore; you don't want it. It takes away murderous intent; that's the key.

Can We End This Problem?

No, you can't get rid of sin; you can trim the hedges and reduce the amount of it, for sin is the agency of the devil, and the Lord gave us a mind to be able to defend ourselves, but it's for the Lord to eradicate evil. 

People act in defiance of divine law every single day; evil has taken to the core of many people's hearts in many ways. This is something that can be tackled in time, but when we look at all examples of human history, we always see somebody somewhere is doing something they shouldn't be doing. 

To bully is to torture; to torture is to be in league with the wicked. How do you stop what's already within us? You need to build better systems and stronger devotion; that only happens when people yield to God above them.

You also noticed I brought sexuality into the discussion. Love, sex, and murder can be entwined and often are intertwined. This is why refusing to teach children to be open sexually is part of my solution.

Are You Evil?

Believe it or not, it makes me very sick to write just a couple thousand words about this stuff. I would not say I like entering that part of my mind; it's disgusting and horrifying and makes me feel like I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing. I'm much better in many ways, thanks to the very things I went through.

I've done bad things, but my heart has never been entirely evil, I was determined to correct myself, and I managed to do it with drugs and fear of the Lord. 

Some of these guys need to go on numerous trips into the psyche out in nature to break their hearts open and allow them to take a new path. Of course, I recommend turning to God, but many people don't want that, which is sad but the truth.

Psychedelic drugs can really change a man or woman if used correctly, under the right environmental conditions. Being on the streets using drugs changed me as a youth, but at the same time I don't want to see youth using drugs.

So am I evil? No, just a sick man trying to do something to help, trying to be involved with intelligently helping people.

How Long Will This Take?

A foolish answer would be that this can be done quickly. People are not ready to face themselves and to change things the way they need to be changed. It can take people a long time to come to this.

Not to mention, conservatives are against drug use, and convincing them we need psychedelics in our culture as part of the mental health treatment process is a grim prospect. 

This is both a mental health issue and a spiritual issue. It will take as long as it will take to relieve the pressure. 

Of course, there's the fact that violence and murder are an age-old problem, one that many have tried to overcome but failed in entirety; however, some people got their civilizations to cut down on the amount of murder happening.

And of course, gun control is the one solution that won't work because of additive manufacturing. You also have a large political body that has no interest in it, and forcing the issue would only lead to conflict, which could be much worse than the problems you have at the moment. A modern American civil war could be the most vicious evil event one could comprehend.

We Need More Heros

Men and women who are determined to stop shootings from progressing are part of what we need. Armed citizens being more aware of the problems will go a long way in helping to detour spree killers, but some killers are more hardened than others; they are willing to go down shooting.

Teachers having a handgun may save a classroom full of children from being murdered. It makes people cringe to place a firearm in a school. However, that gun can save the day if picked up and used by the right person.

For students in high school to keep guns in their cars or lockers is also something we cringe at, but it can help. However, we're not getting to the root of the problem by placing more guns everywhere. We need heroes, people who live their lives wanting to help. For someone to grab their weapon and go after a shooter is something we need.

I Want To Shoot Up My School; What Do I Do With Myself?

Your soul is in your hands right now; what will you do with it? Do you want to die in a bloodbath and then wake up in a torture chamber in hell? Your flesh being melted by acid, your face being crushed in a vice, your back being broken by a hammer? Is this what you want? I don't think it is; I don't think you really want that.

Forget school, forget whatever places are making you psychotic, turn to drugs and video games and then turn to the Lord when you've had enough fun. The Lord will take you down the correct path, and protect you from being demon food.

You're being tortured and trapped by the devil, and it will bring consequences you can't imagine. Flee from that life you're living, become a drug freak, and enjoy being high. 

You'll meet women, go on adventures, and be free from the prison that is the public school system. 

For people like us, public school is evil; we just can't take it. If you're wise, you'll begin to work on healing your heart of hatred and putting a desire for the carnage to the sidelines. 

Odds are girls have something to do with this, and if you desire girls, and can't get them, then public school is the last place you want to be. Your male body interfaces with the devil over issues like this, and he tells you to kill them all. You need to be as far away from places that force you to look at girls in provocative clothing and be free from what's being done to you.

Let's not forget how evil and cruel girls can be, belittling you and ripping your heart to shreds. Some girls know they are doing this and begin a calculated regiment of torture to get you to explode and waste away into nothing. Hurts to hear it, doesn't it? Makes you want to kill them, doesn't it? Yeah, but you can't; you need to say 'fuck this' and go and get high. Trust me, evil girls hate the fact you go and have fun; they don't want it; they want you right where you are, suffering and wanting to punch them in the face so the guys will circle you and kick the living crap out of you for hitting a girl. Wake up; some girls calculate this like nothing; they will get you killed and worse.

The Role of Sex In Some Shooter's Minds

Often, the shooter will suffer a social disorder, rendering him below the popular level in high school. Once that happens, the jocks and popular guys will remind him that he can't get laid, no matter how hard he tries, unless he rapes a girl, he's doomed. 

This turns into a form of militarized social behavior, where the shooter converts themselves into agents of death and destruction. They figure, 'if you want to call me a faggot, I'll just put a bullet in your girlfriend's stomach.' Things like that you'll see among some shooters.

There is a lot of conviction in the shooter's hearts and romance. They want to be with girls, kiss them, and have fun with them, and the popular girls are like, 'this guy is an ugly creep; I want nothing to do with him.' It leads the male mind to become more and more deadly. 

Most shooters have no interest in rape; they would rather put a bullet in a girl. They would rather have her blood on their boots than force her to go and do sexual acts. It's an expression of saying, 'I don't want to be caught in your sex games, so I choose murder.'

The Failure of Sexual Liberty

For girls and guys to dress up to attract people sexually, I believe, is somewhere we went very wrong in recent history. The problem with doing this is you're putting your body on display, which is exclusive to the people you desire. You're not dressing this way to get with everyone in the classroom; it's for specific people, which means it begins driving other people towards mental health issues.

Not to mention all the things that go wrong with fornication; it just isn't what we're looking to see when measuring the community's health. While I understand it can feel very liberating to dress however you want, it's not in the best interest of everyone who will be affected by how you dress.

Telling teenage boys to just look away and ignore the revealing shape of women smells like complete nonsense to me. They will notice this whether they want to or not; it's just part of the natural way humans are. The effective way to bypass this is for guys and girls to dress casually or even more conservative if they choose. And this is kind of the message here, that the way human beings are naturally can get people killed, which is what I think we're seeing with all this carnage and bloody rampages. 

The failure of sexual liberty was, 'hey, look, you don't want to have sex with everybody, so you shouldn't advertise your body.' It's really that simple. I love the peace wave of the 1960s, but free love went the road it would naturally go if ever that door was opened again. I think we've tried leaving it open multiple times in history, and eventually, the door was closed again, and I believe it's not a door you want to be messing with.

Allowing Boys To Call Each Other Faggots

This ridiculous form of evil goes on and on and knows no limit to its psychological torture. Boys of all ages learn to do this and begin making jokes and calling the less fortunate boys 'faggots'. It's evil, it's wicked, and it needs to be stopped. 

Boys are clever; they hide it from their parents, which is why public school is so dangerous; the teacher can't possibly hope to stop this evil in its tracks if the boys are all hiding it and only revealing it when they know they won't get in trouble. That's the nature of these boys; they really want to be doing it, they know it's wrong, so it needs to be destroyed at a very young age.

Is that to say homosexuality should be promoted? These are not agents of righteousness; these are wicked little males damaging each other's psyche to prepare them for fornication with females at the earliest age possible. "The sooner you get into pussy, the more of a man you are." That's not a joke; that's how these males think. 

What's the problem with it? It drives men to shoot one another; that's the problem with it. It leads to weapons and guns and murder, a whole collection of things our justice system is set up to counter when public schools are breeding these monsters by not catching them at a young age.

Why Is Canada So Peaceful Then?

Different cultures, different societies, and many factors come into play here, but Canada isn't exactly peaceful; battlefields like Toronto, where shootings and stabbings happen regularly. Shooters don't care about gun laws; if they can get around it, they will, and with additive manufacturing evolving at the rate it is, it's only a matter of time before they can make metal firearms.

Regardless, millions of Americans believe there is a conspiracy to mass murder Christians, and the further you push gun control, the more they collect firearms. They see gun control as a threat to their families' lives, and the Police are facing over three hundred million guns in the hands of the public. Trying to push gun control is insane and preposterous. 

Also, we forget the American way, which is that guns are necessary for self-defense and keeping the government in check. Trying to brainwash Americans towards gun control will fail miserably. Some people will keep trying, so that's how it is. It's not a solution I bring to the table. 

Why don't I bring it to the table? Obviously, the United States isn't even close to the highest murder rate in the world. If you think banning guns will reduce the murder count, you've not studied knives very carefully and how deadly they are. Asia has seen its fair share of horrifying knife attacks. Canada in 2021 had nearly as many stabbing deaths as shooting deaths. 

When people want to murder, they find a way; they always do. The fact of living on Earth and in the case of the United States, the root cause of murder is evil, but to target festering areas of it, you need to be able to see what's going on for real.

Do you want to deal with murder? Deal with abandoning religious foundation, mental health issues, poverty, gangs, prison, outlaws, and all sorts of things. Things I'm working on in my writing. All we can do is lower the murder rate; we can't eliminate murder; there is more at play here than what normal eyes can see; as I said, it's up to the Lord to get rid of murder and death.