He Beat His Dog

Charles was a good guy; he had friends in school, a good reputation, and was a well-rounded young man. As a kid, though, he remembers being cruel to animals. Sometimes it bothers him, people are talking to him like he's good, but behind his eyes, there's something he doesn't say, how he would scare and squeeze cats till they cried out, how he tied up a dog once kicked it. It was all when he was a kid, and he loved seeing cats and dogs in the neighborhood.
To make the situation even more complex, some animals he would show love to. He loved rottweilers the most and then, following that, cats that were all white. When encountering them, he would play with them and hold them, and memories of this reminded him he wasn't that bad of a guy; he just had something inside him that wasn't right.
When Charles thought about it, he wasn't a serial killer; he didn't want to hurt anybody, let alone kill them, he just knew he had an urge to hurt animals at times, but he could never figure it out.
After high school, he was so far removed from that side of him, that he figured he outgrew it. He no longer had the urge, and he was very happy about it. He went to University and ended up taking in a rescue German Sheppard. He left the dog in his apartment one day and came home to find the dog had destroyed the cushions on the couch.
Suddenly Charles felt like he was in the third person; and he had the dog by the collar, and he was hitting him repeatedly. The urge he had as a kid had come out of him with overwhelming control.
Carl stopped hitting the dog, and the Sheppard was on the floor, urinating and cowering.
"What have I done?" He asked. Charles walked over to the window and looked outside to make sure nobody had heard what had just happened. He was scared of being caught, scared of going to jail over this.
Now Charles would approach the dog, and the dog would urinate and cower, and this would bring Charles to feel the urge again, so he would hit the dog. It became a pattern of abuse, and Charles felt a black veil come over his consciousness. All he could think was, 'I'm going to hell; I'm evil.'
He prayed to God, and even though he didn't believe in God, he asked God why this was happening. He just wanted to be a good loving dog owner, and he was abusing this poor animal, but why? Charles couldn't understand and ended up taking the dog back when it got too much. From that day forward, Charles had no faith in himself, he hated himself, and every time a girl would hug him, he would think, 'if you knew what I did, you wouldn't be giving me love.'

Alright, that's a short fictional story coming from somebody who profoundly understands animal abuse. The first thing to point out was based on Charles's memory; nobody taught him to abuse animals; it was just there, something he had an urge to do but didn't want. If Charles could have destroyed that part of him, he would have, but instead, he had to live with it.
Many people think animal abuse comes from a flawed psyche, somebody seeking to take pleasure in having power over animals. Sometimes this is the case, but when you look at Charles, he didn't want any part of it; he wanted to be like everybody else, loving and caring towards animals.
Then there's the issue where he thinks he's going to hell over the situation. So this shows that animal abusers can come in different forms. You can have somebody evil and methodical, torturing animals and murdering them systematically, or you can have somebody who loves to kick dogs and throw rocks at cats, or you can have somebody who doesn't like any of that stuff. They love animals, but they hurt them and can't figure out why they're doing it.
Spiritually, animal abuse can range in severity of the crime. The person who tortures and murders animals for kicks is the most concern I have. Those people have bleak spiritual prospects. The person who turns to God and cries and asks why they are doing this evil thing, that's more of what we need, are people trying to overcome the evil within.
I agree they have done what they have, but they are still trying to become better people; that's somebody who needs help, whether that be psychiatric help or counseling or something like that.
So what is it, and where does animal abuse come from? It's a dark-world aspect of the soul, it comes from demonic consciousness, which every living soul has inside them, but some are dormant like an ancient Volcano, just never going to erupt. It's also, in a way, being stricken, so it's part of the human beings' objective to overcome evil. That may be as simple as saying, 'look, I hurt animals, I should never be around them,' or perhaps, 'I should never own an animal because that's when my demonic side takes control.'
My goal is to get these people behind closed doors who want to change to know they're not alone; lots of evil and wicked things happen behind closed doors, and many people involved don't want it happening. These people can be anybody, your mother, your father, your grandparents, and all sorts of people have been guilty of hurting animals throughout history. Now it's time to address it and get people to change.
Can animal abuse get you thrown into hell? I believe so, yes, so it's essential to address it and not succumb to the desires or urges to hurt animals.
I believe the Lord is looking to us and wanting us to find whatever way we can to stop hurting animals. I'm not trying to argue that animals are of the same value as humans because murdering a cat and murdering a human is not the same thing. Human life is absolutely a priority, but a lot of the time, the animal abuser is not going to hurt anybody.
Human beings can not annihilate demonic consciousness; it's something that flows through our spirits. It must be resisted and rarely allowed to take control.
The animal lovers community is pretty vicious and unforgiving. I argue with them that this behavior is not constructive, and it's not in the best interest of our society to destroy human beings for doing animal abuse. That is unless that person is proven to be calculated and methodical; in other words, they go out of their way to murder animals, or they enjoy throwing rocks at cats people like that need a good dose of community outrage and prison time, but killing somebody who hurt an animal? That's unchecked righteousness; it leads to even more violence, which is not what we need in many cases. Animal abuse can stem from childhood, so we need to realize that while the person lost control, it's not their fault for having this desire to hurt animals; that's the devil's fault. They should still face the law, but being annihilated by the mob, no way.