Forced To Carry a Rapist's Baby

In a state that bans abortion, there is Marc, who is a professional truck driver who loves hanging around the strip club with his buddies. He spends easily two hundred dollars a night and loves to put his hands on the different women who work there. Eventually, he begins fantasizing about raping women, and he thinks of how powerful he would be if he forced a girl to have his baby.
This leads to him tracking a girl named Melody, stalking her secretly in his van, and watching where she goes. One night, he parks his van on one of her routes and sexually assaults her in a parking lot, telling her that if she screams, he'll kill her.
Melody reports him, and she gets pregnant and can't get an abortion legally. She can feel his hands on her, his mind-controlling her, owning her. It's a horrifying feeling.
With every day that passes, she feels the dread of giving birth. There is a cold black place she finds in her heart; she hates the State; she hates Marc, who is in jail but proud he impregnated her. He lays in his cell and masturbates to the event, see's her face, and feels like he is in complete control, even though he is behind bars.

People would read my literature and think I'm against women; this story is a testament to the fact that I see evil in all sorts of places. In this case, this is an innocent woman forced to carry an evil man's child. Everything is wrong with it; it's so awful, but what problem do we face if we make an exemption and say, 'women who are raped can get an abortion.' Then we face evil women who would call an insignificant male a rapist to get an abortion, so she doesn't have to see his face again. Some women will lie through their teeth, swear on the bible, and point out an innocent man as a rapist in court.
What's the solution? The Lord, everyone needs the Lord because, without him, this stuff just goes out of control.