A Message I Need You To Read

I don't write these things blindly; I understand that people hearing me talk about this will become deeply disturbed. To be afraid of me is to be fearful of somebody, afraid of God. I'm not trying to hurt you; I want you to know that I have love in my heart, and I want to protect people from pain and suffering as much as I can.
I see people in love, having fun, and enjoying life, and I want to protect that. I see things down the road, and I have to warn people that specific behavior will breed violence in some people's hearts and actions.
When I look back on the cyber cafe times, I see myself enjoying life to the best of my ability, but I was involved in shady things; I was doing things and saying things that weren't right. I see now that who I was, was somebody walking a fine line between right and wrong, good and evil. It was only when I found the Lord that I became a much greater person.
I see all of the wrong-doings of people, and I can't help but tell them that they are hurting people, and it needs to stop for everyone's safety. This goes way beyond this life, all the way into the possibilities of what comes after. Facing the Lord's judgment because you spent your time making fun of the less fortunate people is not what I want to see happen to you.
People will do wrong no matter what I do; as I always say, the ultimate decisive victory over sin belongs to God and no one else. That's who I learned holds the highest standard of love, mercy, and forgiveness for souls worldwide.
I understand God is not who people want to hear about, and I don't seek to convert you to my belief system; merely I suggest we come to common ground and realize we went a long way in our direction over the last hundred years. There are decisions we made and changes that brought about the opening of the doors of freedom and liberty, but some freedom and liberty, like sexual liberty, are not wise. These are the sorts of messages I'm trying to convey with love in my heart and all the care in the world for my people and the future of this place.